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Your Everton MOTM vs Leicester

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...and a couple of suspensions / 7 day injuries!
Plus they must play Villa the following weekend and then Roma in the European semi the next Thursday. I know where my priorities would be if I was in their mid table secure position

I think we just have to get 3 points here which wont be easy but it is possible at home under the lights and if its possible we have to take the opportunity. It will be a big boost going into the derby where the best we could hope for is a draw which would be a miracle.

Tomorrows burnley match will be a big one as well. Hoping the hammers do us a big favour.
I am going to be in Malaga on Wednesday.

Anyone know of any pubs there where I might see the match?
O Neills sports bar usually would have matches on. There are other irish bars close to that too. But it's always hit and miss. So I ring em on the day. Can bus it 20 mins torrmolinos/ benalmadena and the irish bars there usually have matches on but ringing on day is easier to make sure
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