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Player Valuation: £10m
This bunch of dozy holes better sort themselves out 2nd half or itll be another 3 pts sprayed up the wall.after losing against place they can do what they do best.

What's concerning is that our chances have come mostly from unforced errors and even then we don't know how to put them away.

Carlo really needs to get the right players in this summer. I can't hack another season of Allardyce football.
Hm i think Ancelotti is way over the hill. Doesnt have the energy anymore to make big changes. Crap football and grinding out results is what you get this days.

People are confusing the fact Palace have gifted us chances with us playing well.

We're really not.

Yeh Palace properly gifted that pinged ball from Holgate to set DCL through, they've properly gifted us Coleman's great work down the right for Richy's first header, properly gifted us that whipped free-kick from Rodriguez for Richy's other header.

The only "gift" was Gomes tackling Ayew for Richy's shot in the box.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
Ancelotti gets off very lightly.

He’s had over 18 months to implement some sort of style of play and I still don’t know what it is.
I’ve said the same to my mates for a while now.
the only thing stopping me from giving him a hard time is because he’s Carlo fkin Ancelotti.
But I expected better from everton after over a year in charge.


Player Valuation: £70m

People are confusing the fact Palace have gifted us chances with us playing well.

We're really not.
It has been a bit better than usual. But we still have no linking play in midfield. James tries but the rest of the team isn't there. Coleman is bad, Gylfi/Gomes bad, Davies and Richarlison are both meh. You've got Digne who is good but him and James can't really play next to each other.

The issue is the guys who are our first team midfield aren't good at it either so it really isn't a problem likely to fix itself.

Thus why I'd like to see us give Iwobi real opportunities but that seems to have sailed as well. Not really sure what the answer is. I guess pray Gbamin is really good?

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