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Weird how people are so confident. Stats like this certainly keep expectations at a minimum.

Everton haven't scored in any of their last five league matches against Chelsea

The Toffees have won only one of the last 10 Premier League encounters

It's seven games and more than two months since they last won at home

Everton have not beaten one of the established top-six sides in the league since January 2017, drawing seven and losing 18.

Keep your expectations low, hopefully you'll get a nice surprise.


Big Fat Sam

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Will it be an unchanged side from last week's impressive outing?

Cannot be. Seamus will be back in and I'd like to see Zouma taken out too for Mina. I wouldn't argue if Richarlison was benched again, and Id love to see Pickford dropped for anybody (not happening).

Bernard, Digne, DCL, Gueye, Gomes, Coleman can start and work around that.


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I’m not that confident today even though Chelsea are inconsistent.

Don’t usually like to admit it but there we go.


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Not sure Gomes should play. Far too open when he plays against half decent teams. Or we could play a 3 which actually suits our players. What a novel idea that would be.


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Nothing to fear today from the worst Essex FC side in a decade.
Wait until their transfer ban kicks in and their Russian owner gets well and truly fed up.
3-1 to The Mighty Blues today and a nightmare performance from Ratboy if he gets off the bench.


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Chelsea have more points than they did this time last season with Conte.

But apparently they're not very good?


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Ok. Woulda sworn Latchford scored three against Coventry in a 6-0 win around then. I remember seeing in highlights on tv.
Yeah he did earlier on in that season. His 30th was his second goal v Chelsea in the last match of that season.

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