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Darth Toffeeman

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Not arsed one bit about this game. Actually feels like a chore to get myself out of bed and go to Goodison.
Agree fully.

It was great watching the 2nd half at Swansea yesterday knowing that City would continually look for answers to win the game, whilst maintaining control of the game.

That is what I want to see. Defeats happen, but the level of quality on show is what you pay your money to watch.

Going to work is far more enjoyable than watching Everton. I am not sure how they change that either as too many mistakes have been made since Moyes departed.

Jeff Jones

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Latch actually got his 30th in that 6-0 v Chelsea at Goodison. We went away on the Friday to Wales for a few days and me and my big bro Everton mentor (who was home on leave from Oz) came back on the Saturday to the match then drove back after it. Ma was a blue so wasnt that narked, God Bless Her...she'd made scouse in the little cottage for when we got back !!!
Coventry, wasn't it?


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Chelsea could be got at, they seem like a vulnerable side. But I get the impression this is another one of those games we've lost before we step onto the pitch, because the players don't believe we are good enough to beat them.

Please prove me wrong Blues.
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