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Everton Man of the Match

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Player Valuation: £10m
Beteween DCL, Bernard and Gomes for MOTM for me. Gomes gets my final vote. DCL would have got it with better finishing and at times less selfish/more aware play. Bernard is hitting some great form, Lookman must be wondering when he's going to get a start.


Player Valuation: £25m
I gave my vote to DCL. I have said often enough he doesn’t give defenders a hard time but he is really developing his leading of the line in recent games and picked out a blue shirt so many times with headers he won. Well done Dominic!
7/8 were excellent today though, skill and work rate combined!! Loved it!


Player Valuation: £750k
Was going to vote for Gomes but gave it to Jags on account of his goal and coming in at a moment's notice (and also, in all honesty, for sentimental reasons, as there probably won't be many more chances to vote for him). But a lot of good performances out there today - even those having a bit of an off day didn't hide and put a shift in, and that can really make a difference.


Player Valuation: £50m
I thought we were absolutely superb today.

Pickford - nothing to do but his distribution was excellent throughout.
Coleman - Looked very much like the Seamus of old, balanced defence and attack well considering the opposition.
Zouma - Mountain. Excellent performance.
Jagielka - Best compliment I can give was I forgot he was playing, did his job very well.
Digne - Unbelievable full back, incredible we have managed to replace Baines at the first attempt.
Gomes - Superb performance, calm, collected, creative.
Gana - Energetic for most part, fought, wasn't scared to step forward even if he did get a little lost.
Bernard - Was excellent throughout barring his misses although Leno makes an excellent save by staying high and not committing.
Siggurdson - Thought he wasn't the main creator but linked play well and won his duals.
Richarlison - Didn't hide, only went down once for a legimate shout at a foul, thought he did well although needs to get head up more on ball.

and lastly.... anyone know recognises my posts, not a huge fan of DCL as his hold up play is generally awful.. however

DCL - Superb, won every header, bullied two experienced defenders, caused constant problems. Hold up play much better even if he is a bit slow on the ball sometimes. Needs to get head up and see more of wahts around him as couple of times he could have played someone in rather than playing the safe ball.



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Could have been any of our players today , but Zouma just edged it for me.

Against a forward line like Arsenal's he was superb , gave them no respect at all and totally bossed them. Great game.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
Outstanding today.Loved the game from start to finish. On an aside what a bunch of absolute fannies Arsenal are jeez. Their fans are just the same...bunch of kin whiners....heard a conversation in the pub after the game and they were saying "the referee was wearing our colours ..we were the dirtiest side they had played all season...oh and an absolute cracker...on another day they would of won:"...We absoluteley bossed them.


Player Valuation: £15m
Fantastic result and.performance. Great atmosphere inside the ground. so well done the fans. Been a while, but some days to enjoy have hit Goodison of late. Keep it up, well done all.

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