Match Thread Everton v Arsenal - Monday December 6th. 8pm

Everton MOTM vs Arsenal

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blue to the bone

Player Valuation: £70m
Christmas is coming. A huge game under the goodison lights. Everyone is absolutely buzzing for the game ....... right..
So back to reality. We are in turmoil . No win since late September. Humiliated in the Derby. A toxic Goodison. Another manager on the brink . And many fans as disillusioned with the club as they ever have been.
Arsenal come to town Monday and it's very hard to have any real confidence. Dcl is still out which is another thing that's hard to explain.
We need points though and fast..we are dropping too close to the bottom 3 for comfort.
Talks of protests here as well. So hopefully we are at least 3 up by the 27th minute .
Please Everton. Do something nice . It's the season of goodwill.

The Binman

Player Valuation: £1m
after all the recent excellent form, i think the wheels may come off on this one, and if their strikers learn to shoot at things other than barn doors, think they'll take this one easily...

but i've been surprised before...

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