Everton Summer transfers 2021

Martin Alvito

Player Valuation: £20m
Its a bit of a Myth that Coutinho is a perma crock - apart from his bad injury in December he missed 16 games in over 2 seasons so 8 games a season and the bulk of that (9 games) was the same ankle issue on loan at Bayern.

James missed 12 alone this season and everyone is desperate to keep hold of him.

Coutinho is faster, A year younger and for me more suited to the Prem. Him on a loan deal with James out enabling us to sign 2-3 good players for the starting 11 makes practical sense.

Coutinho also scores Gblammos from outside the box something we haven't had in a player for decades.

We could probably get him on a permanent for a song. Barca is even more skint than we are, and is desperate to trim the wage bill as a consequence.
He wouldn’t have been free and doesn’t have that much experience. I like him, but I think we are in perhaps the hardest place in the league. An expectant fan base, a below par squad and no money. Much of this squad was in a relegation battle 18 months ago. Very easy to slip there again.
You keep saying we have no money , that’s why I ask is that conjecture or do you KNOW we gave no money ? Because I really don’t see that .


Player Valuation: £70m

Another misleading statistic.

On this weve spent the 5th most and so in theory i suppose the idea is that we should finish 5th in the league based on spending.

But both Arsenal and Spurs squads were worth far more than ours to begin with so we have been playing catchup with those clubs (and the others).

Also looking at netspend were on £55mil a season so were probably 10 years away of we continue this trajectory...


Player Valuation: £70m
I would imagine we are making teams sweat and hoping prices come down as we get closer to deadline. Maybe for example Barca accept a loan with bo obligation for Lenglet etc.

I'd also posit that Benitez doesnt massively fancy Dumfries. Maybe he wants a more defensive fullback.

Lets hope were just negotiating multiple deals down and feigning concern over FFP.

Theres surely something Moshiri and Usmanov could do to get around it. Id be amazed if a billionaire accountant hasnt pre planned for this.

We need to take some medicine mate, reduce the wage bill and actually stick with a manger and a plan. Ground 0 again. I dont want Benitez anywhere near this club by the way.

We need to build incrementally, two to three meaningful signings each window of a certain profile, ensuring resale, investing a limited budget.

We need to look at what Leicester, Villa, Leeds and WHU (though Davey takes it to extremes with frugality) do instead at looking at Chelsea, City and Utd.

Its what the club needs - whether we have the recruitment team to do it - or the owner to stick with a strategy - questionable.

Leicester and Villa do spend money though?

Not sure Leeds and Wham are benchmarks to follow...

If we just aimed for 3 high potential signings each summer u23 for decent money then we'd be doing alot better in 3 seasons time.

Dumfries / Digne / McNeil crosses into the box

Richarlison from out wide cutting in

James or his inevitable replacement

Plenty to be excited about

How is that exciting?

Dumfries and McNeil arent our players...James and Richarlison are heavily linked with moves away.

Not to mention Dumfries cant cross more than 2 feet off the ground.

Dumfries is good but his technical ability is on par with Moussa Sissoko

Thats extremely generous.


Player Valuation: £70m
Hard to know mate, we’d be guessing on Benitez and his preferences. He’s talked about wingers as opposed to inside forwards, like Carlo so maybe he want width from wingers as opposed to fullbacks. As I read it we have needs and preferences.

My take would be we have a limited budget. The biggest need at present is right full. I’d suggest we’re haggling for Dumfries or Aaron’s. What Benitez wants will be a factor to. That’s a need, but we’re trying to make the budget stretch. We can compete with Inter for Dumfries financially may be not on profile. Maybe the deal needs smoking out and the lad needs to decide on profile or money. We should be in there with the lad making a choice, unles another PL comes in. Aarons will go for silly money, so I’d suggest unles we have a deal out lined up we might cut our cloth unless we get money in.

I think we like McNeill, he’s a preference, I think we are trying to do both the deal above and this on a budget. I think it’s tricky trying to do both on our budget, hence all the delays waiting and why we won’t see anything happen until later in the window. We might not get both deals as we could be priced out. Burnley will look for good money and the juice might not be worth the squeeze.

I think we will look for a 10, James could go, Gylfi might not be available, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Counthino on loan with an option later in the window - that would be a preference too.

Of course that just as the crow flies, if we do any deals out that could flip, Kean going to PSG could turno boost some of that - but then we need a support striker too.

All the while we’re saving wages on Walcott, Bolaise, Besic and Bernard, until later in the window.

McNeil is a strange link.

Makes sense if the plan is to put in balls to DCL.

Doesnt make sense as were crying out for pace.

If hes on the left in front of Digne we could put alot of balls in from there, but thinking about it i wonder if Digne would be able to overlap with a left footer...

If he was played on the right in front of Aarons then we'd have the pace and McNeil could cut inside on his left as James does.

If we got both and it 'clicked' then were sorted on the right for a long long time.

Foreverblue.....he like the wind.

Very, very wind.

So the general consensus Is Denzel is the next Cafu, remember that now when Brands get slated for signing a dud and we try and scab him off to Vitesse in 2 years time.

Spot on ;)

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