Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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September 2020: ‘Allan is so good, he’s the answer to all our prayers, he’s like 28 year old gueye but with so much more to his game’

September 2022: ‘Thank god we’ve resigned 32 year old gueye, our midfield will be so much better now with him instead of a cart horse like Allan’.

Not that people go all emperors new clothes about our transfer window every single year or anything.

And Maupay is our Richarlison, or is that McNeil...

Tony’s Carp

Player Valuation: £15m
Who is going to loan out an attacking player with a goal history in this league. Please identify the attacking players you think we could have got on loan? Based on recent activity maybe Dan James who just doesn’t score?
I’m not saying we could’ve got brilliant players on loan. But looking at our lack of depth and options, we’d have been better off loaning surplus guys like James, Batshuayi or Lucas Moura than no one.


Player Valuation: £8m
9 weeks to get an attacker who could fill the void left by Richarlison. 9 weeks.

They came up with Maupay.

It's inertia like that which gets teams relegated.

They learned nothing in that boardroom. Nothing.
They filled the void of a lad who scored 10 goals with a lad who scored 8, OH THE HUMANITY. Seriously through Richarlison was obviously very good for us and we never gonna get a like for like replacement.

Maupay and McNeil will be far better pairing for us in the long term than effectively Rondon and Richarlison which is what has gone on with the forward options. Add onto this that Gordon will seemingly go up another level too, as well as Calvert Lewin being fit.


Player Valuation: £40m

Firstly, he won't even start when Dominic is fit (unless we switch to a 352, which isn't impossible).

Secondly, when he does play he will find himself given fewer chances per 90 than he used to get as part of Potterball.

It will be mind-boggling if Maupay scores more than six this season in the prem.
We have created a fair bit already but have been let down by poor finishing and/or rondon being up top. I'm confident maupay would have put a few of the chances away.

Why write him off already when he has a decent record in the last few season, especially for the price paid.


Player Valuation: £50m
Exactly, it’s been trimmed massively. Better again when you see that Allan, Doucoure and Rondon will all be out of contract this summer too, they might play a small part in the squad this season but that’s alright and it means their replacements are already here.

In truth I’m actually still hopeful for Allan, always liked him and think he could probably do well in this midfield next to a pairing of Onana and Gana for more defensive games.
I'm pretty pleased with what we've done.

The lack of another forward is going to alarm a lot of people - and I understand that, it's definitely a gamble and I'd rather we'd signed someone.

But I think if we get away with it, I've seen enough this window to think the future is looking much brighter. We've changed direction in terms of recruitment and are looking at exactly the right profile of player now.

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