Transfer Rumour Everton poised to make £25m bid for Celtic full-back Kieran Tierney

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Player Valuation: £70m
If reports arent to be believed we haven't!

We will spend a modest amount in around Daves figures net. Not trying to burst your bubble, but its pretty clear from accounts, liabilities and projections made in January that we have very little cash flow.
dont agree but we will see I guess.I keep saying this but Brands was very happy at his previous job, He didn't need to leave and would not have come to a crap club with a tiny budget. He had other options too apparently.
Also, there is no point in totally avoiding the fact we have bid around 20mil for tierney, the Malcolm rumour looks true and does the Mina PLUS another MF AM could well be on the cards. Those figures will give us about 80 mil give or take

Not open for further replies.

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