2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

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Player Valuation: £30m
Don't get the hate around DCL.

Quicker than everyone thinks he is.

Stronger than everyone thinks he is.

He's just a little over zealous with finishing. O feel he's rushing or trying too hard. One who will improve with age and will have a very good career.
Dont think its hate. Just some people dont rate him as a top forward and dont think he has the qualities to become one. Its a fair point. Chamlionship forward down the line in many peoples view. Decent but will not be a top player.


Player Valuation: £20m
It is a bit strange that when someone does not rate a player (or a manager) they are accused of hatred. I do not think that a number of our squad players are good enough but hatred? Defo not. Now I do hate an institution that we call the RS. but that is entirely different.


Player Valuation: £70m
Why? Striker was one position we had depth at. DCL can do a few things that Tosun and Niasse can't (be a pest and take pressure off the defense w/ a lead). Yes his finishing wasn't great but if he's good enough to create chances (and he is) the goals will come. He also paired rather well with Niasse. Now what if Niasse/Tosun gets injured or catches Jelavitis? Then what? We should have loaned them Sandro. Now yes you could say Sandro wouldn't want to go to Sheff Utd, well tough luck Sandro. After all, I didn't Sandro to be absolutely useless so see Sandy we can't always get what we want.
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