Does Moyes' reign look better with hindsight given the dismal performances of his successors?

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by RhylBlue, Jun 12, 2018 at 2:28 PM.

  1. RhylBlue

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    All our permanent managers after Moyes have effectively stunk the place out. When Martinez, Koeman and Allardyce departed, they had all long outstayed their welcomes. I appreciate that a lot of people still feel animosity toward Moyes, but based on his performance as Everton manager, he was leagues better than any of his successors have been. He got us into the top 4 (which he still doesn't get enough credit for), led us to an FA Cup Final, and got us further in Europe than any manager since Kendall. He did this on a comparatively small budget. If Moyes had the money that Martinez and Koeman had, I reckon he would have spent it much more wisely. He also wouldn't have stood for transfer targets being dictated to him by a DOF, which has been a disaster for us thus far.
  2. evertonarntwe

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    Martinez done a job, best prem season, 2 semi finals in 1 year ( very unlucky in both as well )

    edit** people forget how much moyes was actually given btw, for all the good stuff he did there were some absolutely horrid times under him, and if say moshiri had been there at the time he wouldn't have lasted that full time that's for sure ( not saying I agree with that btw ) but he was deffo given more time than 99% of managers
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    Yes. He’s been our best manager since Royle by a country mile. He actually bought footballers like Arteta Pienaar Baines Coleman Lescott Yakubu Donovan Mirallas yet somehow has a worse reputation on here than the absolute buffoons who followed him and stock piled the squad with crabs like Williams Schneiderlin Kone Atsu etc.
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    But on the other hand, it was obviously time for him to go.

    This is the whole point of a DOF though - so that the entire team doesn't come apart when the Manager gets a better offer, or loses one or two too many on the bounce and the supporters start to moan.
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  5. banno

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    The time allowed at Everton also served him well. In todays climate you would have expected Moyes to get sacked in his 2nd season when we almost had a player revolt and finished 17th. He was allowed time to build and that is why you see the likes of Eddie Howe and Sean Dyche reaping benefits. Same could be said for Howard Kendall MK1 and Alex Ferguson at United. We all want instant results now and that is not easy.
  6. Layne

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    Nope. We finished 4th and got CL under Moyes. Points totals don’t mean anything. You think the RS celebrate their points total when city pipped them to the league? Points totals all depend on how much fodder the season has. Look at city this season. Best team ever? Nope. Best points ever, yup. Just bumming fodder weekly.
  7. Alanbileysfeathercut

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    If it was a successful successor then we'd have said moyes lay the foundations.
    But we don't say he was the cause of our mediocrity /downfall. ....or do we?
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    He finished 5th (the season after Moyes had us finish 6th) and then delivered two bottom half finishes back to back (somthing Moyes never did) and holds the record for our worst home league win run during a season in the club's history. Disater of a manager just like the two clowns who followed him here. Moyes might not of been the greatest manager and his negativity was unbearable on occasions but he did a hell of a lot better then any of the clowns who've been here since he left and since he won sweet FA for us that says a great deal.
  9. evertonarntwe

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    well you are right we did finish higher that season, we got 61 points and finished on -1 GD, the reason we finished 4th this season was because the league itself was very poor, possibly the lowest ever points tally for a 4th place finish?

    under bobby we got 72 points and +22 goal difference, a far better season, just the league was a lot stronger
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  10. brieverton

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    The earlier part of his reign compares much more favourably to the later part as I see it.

    He undoubtedly did a terrific job in steering us well clear of ever being in danger and generally ridding the club of the fear of relegation. There was a tremendously positive atmosphere about the club in those years, and it did seem Moyes was one of the best managers of his generation.

    But, as has been said often enough, I think towards the last few seasons its as if the club was set up to finish 5th and no higher, whatever the circumstances. Liverpool were inconsistent, Spurs were nowhere, and Man City had not yet fully emerged as the force they are today. I think an opportunity was missed to secure at least one further top four spot, and if we had made it, who knows? The confidence gained in doing that might have propelled a situation similar to that of Pochettino at Spurs.

    Moyes did not have money to spend, but he had a far more precious commodity in that he was given lots of time. He sulked but never really challenged Bill regarding the lack of investment and there was a period when he could have used his considerable popularity with fans to gain leverage on the teams behalf and put pressure on Bill. But it was all too comfy.

    Overally I think history judges him kindly but still I feel a sense of lost opportunity when reflecting on that era, epitomised by the rather unseemly sitting out of the last years of his contract to look for bigger and better things. He was steady but when it came to games that really mattered, he rarely if ever delivered.
  11. evertonarntwe

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    he was hardly a disaster lets be honest, moyes had us finishing 17th 1 season didn't he? like I said 99% of managers would have got the chop at the point, he was very lucky he had kenwright in charge who loved him
  12. SupaStake

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    I briefly wished we'd have him back but I'm more than made up with brands/silva, all the respect in the world for moyes but i wouldn't want him here now.
  13. jaycee

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    We won nothing,so unsuccessful like the ones after him,finishing 4th and losing a cup final means nothing
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  14. Nymzee

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    Yes and no. The big teams are now so much better than they were back then.
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  15. DaChunk

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    We were playing some nice stuff in his last season, we were just missing a striker.
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