Transfer Rumour Denzel Dumfries


Player Valuation: £1m
That’s just not true though. Where is the pace in:
Pogba, McTominay, Fred, Fernandes, Matic, Van De Beek? Comfortably finished in the champions league.
Even City - Rodri, De Bruyne, Gundogen, Fernandinho, none of them rapid and won the league easily last year. I’m sure I could do more but I can’t be bothered. Kante is probably the most effective midfielder in the world in his position yet he’s not pacey, just has an incredible engine - much like Doucoure (though obviously a far better player).


Player Valuation: £70m
He's the ultimate get out of jail card for any pace
I don’t disagree but the comment I was replying to said Doucoure and Allan together weren’t effective because apparently you need two of a midfield three to have pace… I was proving you don’t.
We also have Godfrey who is a speed freak like Walker and can bale us out the same way so you’ve helped prove my point.


Player Valuation: £70m
We have one of the worst midfields in the league.

Spineless slow crabs.

Gomes offers nothing apart from looking pretty as players jog past him and he doesn’t assist or score.

siggy - enough said.

allan has been largely underwhelming.

tom Davies, bar a coupe of games despite being given chance after chance has been woeful and a decent manager would have sold or loaned him far away.

iwobi is the worst signing we’ve ever made for the outlay. Coasting along doing nothing and costing a fortune.

delph - what needs to be said.
Gbamin? I mean yes its a punt he is going to stay fit but still

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