Transfer Rumour Danny Welbeck


Player Valuation: £15m
I take all the comments already made about injuries, goal-scoring record etc. But on a two-year heavily performance related contract and the acknowledgement that he’d predominantly be a sub behind Bernard and Richarlison, I don’t think it would be a terrible deal.

It also gives DCL the space to improve but with some competition that is closer in style to what Silva needs than Tosun. There would likely be some profit to be made after two years. And it allows us to focus funds on the more important central midfield position.

Not the star signing we’d all like, but were not City or PSG. We have to get more realistic in some areas of the pitch for this summer and I could see this one being an area where business sense prevails.
It doesn’t make business sense to pay someone over £100k to someone who can’t stay fit.

Plus, why would he agree to move somewhere if he’s told he’s going to be a back up player and that his contract is going to be mainly performance related? There’s no transfer fee involved so he’ll want big wages, not a performance related contract.


Player Valuation: £10m
We are the best offer hes gonna get. None of the clubs ahead of us will want him. If we want to compete with those clubs then bringing in a player none of them want (even though hes on a free) isnt the way to gain ground on them. There are times players dont work out at the clubs ahead of us and they are worth going in for: lukaku when we bought him, digne, gomes, zouma but this bloke couldn't stay fit if his life depended on it. Hes proven to be made of glass for the last 10 years, will want massive wages and even if he does play there have always been doubts about his calibre anyway. Not what we need.


Player Valuation: £950k
This can't be serious? He's brutal as well as always injured.
Unless it's just because he used to play for Man Yoo and we always end up signing their cast offs.
I just don't see why we'd sign him, unless it's because Cenk and Oumar are off and he's coming in on a free as cover for whoever the first choice striker is

If we do sign him, I predict he'll score a couple of goals to get our hopes up before getting injured whilst getting out of the bath or something and needing 8 months off

Everton That


Player Valuation: £8m
As soon as these links started saying "Everton are said to be willing to top his £100K a week wages" that's when everyone should have breathed a sigh of relief.

The age and injury side of things was questionable to begin with. The whole club from the top down has gone on at length about bringing the wage bill down over the last season.

File this under: Balderdash

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