Player Valuation: £5m
Another rallying call I see,why don’t the players look across the park and try galvanise some never give up mentality... and see what evertonians have to live next too,go to work with and the unmerciful joy the other lot have weekly ,while we have a never mind it might be better against Sheff Utd ,sadly whatever your opinion on Coleman as a player, he is riddled with mediocrity
That's forward progress for you. We have been here before and should not back be here already after just 5 effing easy games. Just do it and stop talking about it ffs.

23/12/2018 - Coleman: We Have To Get Back On Track -
19/01/2019 - Coleman Calls On Blues To Find Consistency -
20/01/2019 - Coleman: 'Time To Stand Up And Be Counted' -


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The thing is we'll probably biff Sheff Utd on Saturday. Coleman will have a solid match. And so it goes. No change.


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I had thought this type of call for bravery/to stand up/fight for the shirt etc. had stopped after many such calls from various players last season. Don't make public statements, you all train together, have a word when you are all together on a man to man basis. A public rallying call is no substitute for a bit of effort.
Besides I think we all start to realise around this time of the year that, despite monies being spent, we are not going to live up to expectations.
But as Evertonians will in hope, again.


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The rallying calls are getting tedious, I get it, he’s doing his role and if nothing was said perhaps criticism would come for being silent . However it’s on the pitch that matters, perform as a team and achieve something lads over the course of a season. As the years go by these speeches fail to resonate.


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First Neville, then Jagielka and now Coleman repeat to fade. Getting sick of hearing the same drivel churned our time and time again from successive captains following inadequate performances on the pitch. Do your talking on the pitch!!!!

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