2019/20 Cenk Tosun


Doing bits, here and there.
confidence is a major factor for a striker to score goals...

Who knows what the catalyst could be for Cenk to go on a run scoring goals...

So don't knock him just when he has scored a couple of goals give him some praise & encouragement...
I mean, he scores every international break and then returns to us unable to play football - so, no.


Player Valuation: £10m
I mean, he scores every international break and then returns to us unable to play football - so, no.
To be fair he has not had the game time this season....

He came on for 20mins against Wolves & got an assist....

He has now scored a brace on international duty so give him a break & don't give up on him yet....


Player Valuation: £60m
Tosun can be useful off the bench can't see him ever being a starter for Silva he likes pace and interchange. But Tosun can finish if you feed him.
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Player Valuation: £60m
I'm not sure why he doesn't get a look in. He's never really had a run of games under Silva. I think he's a etter option than DCL.
Because he can't get around the pitch, he doesn't have the pace and link up the play. But agree he deserves more time on the pitch and is probably a better finisher than DCL, he could be useful off the bench in tight games especially at home. I wouldn't expect him to make his own chances he can score if set up though.

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