2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti


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Why is it the club persists with managers who dont prioritise fitness and sign slow leggy players

Fitness was shocking under Martinez, Koeman, Silva and hasn't improved much here either.

I don't think it was much to do with how leggy they were. What happened in the 70th minute was happening in the 1st in terms of just holding shape rather than engaging the opposition. Richy, Iwobi, DCL, Allan, Doucoure, Digne were all up and down the whole game.

The balance between attack and midfield when we don't have the ball isn't there yet.


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I wonder what the logic was in not playing Holgate today. If he played(admittedly poorly) against Utd he should have been fit enough to play today and he's probably our best defender.

Im just hoping he assumed Mitrovic would start and was caught out by Parker as Mina shouldn't be anywhere near the team.

He needs flogging to a Monaco/Valencia type club next summer.


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Great team set up in the first half; not so great at not changing anything early enough in the second when it fell apart though.

Leeds will be one very interesting tactical battle, high press team who we could absolutely kill on the counter. But they could also completely carve us open if we dish up anything like that second half.


Player Valuation: £70m
Im just hoping he assumed Mitrovic would start and was caught out by Parker as Mina shouldn't be anywhere near the team.

He needs flogging to a Monaco/Valencia type club next summer.

Wonder if Carlo expected mitrovic to start and Mina's physicality was better suited
Ah, fair shouts. Would have had him in there over Godfrey tho.


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I think we could if we sacrificed Doucoure for a top drawer defensive midfielder - if Gbamin returns to full fitness and hasn't lost his athleticism/pace that he had in Germany maybe he could be the answer long term but the 3 areas of concern on the pitch right now are:


Id rather we signed a RB + RW.

Can see a big turnover of players over the next 2 summers with a huge number out of contract and others shown to be not good enough consistently.


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Think Keown was right when asked could we get top 4. Straightaway he said No but we could maybe get a place in Europe. He said this is a rebuilding season for Carlo.
My thoughts even after are good start. We are rebuilding and it may take 2 seasons till Carlos gets his player in

Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £70m
No one is saying he’s rubbish but it is entirely right to be questioning why we have to score 3 goals to win a game, every game.
The questioning has got to be in a fair context though. If he was at the end of three seasons with his own squad and we were having these problems then fair enough but he has had one transfer window where we had to focus on the midfield. He’s made one defensive signing. So yes the defending is poor at the moment and there’s more Carlo could be doing but he had to have time to at least solve these problems? Other managers get away with leaky back lines for a whole season and then splash huge sums to fix it in a transfer window. Carlo doesn’t have that option at the moment, he’s trying to find a system that suits Keane Mina Pickford Coleman but none of them were his player s and in an ideal world he may not want any of them in his first team but we don’t have decent options to replace them.

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