2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

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Well at least I don’t have to hold my tongue anymore.

Failed with a 12 place finish. Failed with a 10th place finish and his own squad.

Played some of the very worst football I’ve seen at the club and his penchant to play elderly players over youth infuriated me.

That said I think this might be the beginning of the chain of events that sees us going down in the next 5 years.

I'm absolutely stunned mate. Not arsed aswell like. You know what I mean.
This is a very weird place to plant a flag on.

I mean you got me on what? I'm surprised Madrid wanted him (and still don't really get it) and don't care that he's left here because he was complete crap as our manager. But he won the CL in 2003 so we have to worship him or something.

I don't love the raw points thing though. It doesn't make sense with Roberto either. We were 5th and 10th in those seasons.

I get that.

Still, if you average the first half-season over the entirety, the points approach applies to both seasons. In candor, I think he had considerably less available than RM did.

I think the guy has earned his reputation.
He a phony and weak.

More challenge in turning Everton around then going back to a toxic club who already sacked you before
All the talk of wanting the dream of leading us out into the new stadium, us winning trophies with fans singing his song, the comments about the ESL clubs being greedy, the comments denying the Madrid rumours.... I’ve defended him to a hilt on here but he’s completely lost my respect here.

Not open for further replies.