Carlo Ancelotti

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Player Valuation: £6m
The problem for any prospective candidate, especially one of the calibre of Ancelotti, is the squad of players available to him.
Irrespective of whether we’re perceived as a small club or not, they’re unlikely to get the style they want to play, from what’s available: they’re just not capable.

Okay perhaps one or two, but they’re either injury prone and/or inconsistent. That’s why you have to work to their strengths which is pressing, closing down, tight knit defence protected by defensive mids who can also play a bit when a chance presents itself (or perhaps not).

Our priority is to stop conceding, especially from the likes of Norwich, Brighton, Sheffield et al, and make it difficult for the big boys; home and away.

All the evidence shows that we’re not up to much more.

All I’m saying is, what’s available isn’t going to be attractive to the upper echelon of International managers, so we have to lower our sights.
In my view the squad is okay , perhaps not by Ancelloti's standards.
But we should currently be around 6th with the really easy fixtures so far , perhaps higher. That is despite the injuries. The problem has been the management.
Look at is who is in the top 6 and around it . Bear in mind the supposedly "top" clubs not performing.
Thank goodness he is gone. This season was our real opportunity. Missed !


Player Valuation: £70m
Toffees chairman Bill Kenwright and owner Farhad Moshiri are due to sit down with the Italian to discuss succeeding Marco Silva at Goodison Park.

Oh dear.
Whats the problem ?
Slap up at San Carlo (Carlo....gettit?)
Free Chianti & Carbonnara , free tickets to Blood Brothers.
Here's £10 mil per year Mr Ancelloti.

Job done...seal the deal.

Dwight K Schrute

Player Valuation: £500k
Well we've got a majority Tory govt.

Don't give me the hope of Carlo. Just appoint Moyes now Everton to finish me off. To think I had such high hopes for life . . .
Not open for further replies.

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