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Player Valuation: £6m
Laughing when we were getting beat on social media to now sucking up to the club because he knows his pathetic career is almost over.

Make it known to this waste of space that he has no chance.
well said, some people here who think he has a good attitude because he is sucking up.

Has the club even acknowledge his existence since his loan ended?


Player Valuation: £10m
Certainly not one of the worst recent signings. Until he got done by Marcial he was ok and in some matches
very good.

In a recent interview on Toffee tv he talked about his injury problems and frankly he had no luck at EFC. But he is a talented and committed player unlike about 5 or 6 recent signings who here for the money. Pure and simple.


Player Valuation: £80m
By the standards of Everton these days, Yannick was excellent, really really excellent.

But by the standards of a non-mediocre club, he was very mediocre.


Player Valuation: £30m
Still for me one of our most bizarre signings ever this.

Even the likes of siggy he was performing well at Swansea, Walcott has had good seasons, klaasan was the Ajax captain and was playing in Europe etc but bolasie is just awful.

Papa Shango

Player Valuation: £70m
He is, that’s why Championship clubs have been sending him back from loans and Portuguese clubs have decided against paying £3m for him.

Well they can't afford his wages for starters.

I said in the very next sentence that he isn't good! I could say that about a fair few of our players though.


Player Valuation: £8m
He has done more at Premier League level than Bolasie ever has in his career tbh. You can tell you haven’t actually seen Bolasie play for 2 years.

Sorry but that is grossly wrong.

Bolasie has played nearly bang on double the amount of EPL games that Bernard has. But then he’s got nearly 3 times as many goals (11 to 4) and more than 3 times as many assists (17 to 5).

Not saying those are great stats and definitely not worth 30 million (thanks Ron and Steve you fat lards), but at the moment Bernard isn’t even the Brazilian Bolasie.


Player Valuation: £50m
Bring Bolasie back into the squad for preseason.
Get him fit and let the manager have a look at him.
The worst that should happen is it will improve the chances of getting a loan for him.
We are looking for a right sided midfielder, it would be mad not to at least give him a chance.


Player Valuation: £25m
well said, some people here who think he has a good attitude because he is sucking up.

Has the club even acknowledge his existence since his loan ended?

I didn't see the specific laughing on social media - what / when was it?


Player Valuation: £25m
Don’t get the hate for Bernard

There shouldn't be hate really...just frustration. He must have had something if he was a big prospect 5 years ago for Brazil. Did you read about his psychological / mental health issues he's faced? That big disaster for Brazil in the WC - he was a starter at that time - must have affected him a lot, and probably nobody really helped him get back to it. Mental health in footballers is not really addressed cos we expect them to be like machines with no emotions

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