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Player Valuation: £70m
As long as he is an Everton player I hope he stays fit and plays brilliantly. If he convinces CA that he should stay at the club and should even start that is even better.

We have seen with the manager the two sides to how he operates. He is generally very positive, when he is critical it is in general terms rather than isolating any individual player. I have seen so many posts on here about players that have done well or done badly and about players that will be sold when the reality is nobody has a clue what the manager thinks of any player really.

The other side of this manager is that he identified the problem area and has addressed that.
We do know that players are for sale, the squad is too big but we really have no clue as to who is available for sale with one probable exception... Sandro.

Even Besic could be kept as cover in central midfield depending on other players leaving but that is unlikely.

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