Birthday matches

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So it's finally happened. As I type the big 3-0 is just hours away, my palm jewel has been flashing like sodomy all day and I've been rocking out to Led Zep like nobody's business.

Before this thread gets drowned, who here has enjoyed/despised a memorable EFC match on their birthday? The mighty blues last played on my birthday when I turned 20 (TEN. YEARS. AGO!!!), with Jo utterly violating Wigan as we won 4-0.

The only other ones were defeats, in 1997 and 1999 - 97 we lost 3-1 at Villa just a week (I think?) after Big Dave took over as player-manager.

Then in 99 we squandered a 1-0 lead to lose against the worst Sheff Wed side in living memory, Materazzi and Unsy giftwrapped the Owls their winning goals.

A week later though, some bloke called Kevin Campbell turned up against Cov...

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The last time we won at Anfield was on my birthday (I was there).

It was about half my lifetime ago. That is utterly pathetic.


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“Everton have never played a competitive fixture on this date.”

Loads of preseason friendlies I would imagine.


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Never play on my birthday, which is handy as they can't ruin it.
Always seem to fall on an international brake, but even before they started doing that I can't remember us playing on it anyway.


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I'm sure we got stuffed 5-1 against Norwich either on or close to my birthday.

And to think we went 1-0 up and then got absolutely hammered. That was a good Norwich side that


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A mere pup. Oh to be 30 again and able to run, play togger, walk a mountain even without pain the next day. I haven't admitted to a birthday for 15 years, (so I'm still 38). Despite my best intentions to avoid ageing, my memory isn't what it was, so I simply don't remember any matches.... More likely my brain has buried them in a dark, dark place.

Happy birthday and I hope we get a win for you.


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Everton Results was where I looked it up, CBA finding the date search so I took a date from the homepage and changed the URL to find the page for my birthday

Cool. Just did a search. We are 4-1-4 on my birthday in my lifetime.

We had a nice 6-0 win over Coventry on my 7th b-day. Latchford had a hat trick.


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We've only played 5 times on my birthday in my lifetime (April 19th), my first birthday in 1986 we beat Ipswich 1-0 with a Graeme Sharp goal, 2 years later we beat Coventry 2-1 with Sharpy and Adrian Heath scoring, 9 years after that we drew 2-2 at West Ham with goals from Big Dunc and Michael Branch. My 18th in 2003 was a right sickener though as we lost the derby 2-1, was also my first ever derby game, Unsy got the equaliser from the penalty spot only for that mutant Danny Murphy to get the winner (that weekend didn't get much better either as we got gubbed 4-1 at Chelsea 2 days later). The last time we played on my birthday was 10 years ago, THAT semi against United, went on an all day bender with 2 of my oldest mates, the third being at Wembley itself, so was pretty much half cut by kick off and completely on my arse by the time Jags slotted the winning pen, though I still lasted till about midnight-1 am, was completely destroyed the next day though, barely walking or talking and thanking god that for some reason that escapes me, I wasn't due to be in college that day
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