Best Pub Near Goodison

Best Pub Near Goodison

  • The Thomas Frost

    Votes: 13 7.3%
  • The Winslow

    Votes: 43 24.2%
  • The Spellow

    Votes: 11 6.2%
  • The Taxi Club

    Votes: 8 4.5%
  • The Black Horse

    Votes: 18 10.1%
  • The Harlech

    Votes: 11 6.2%
  • The Barlow Arms

    Votes: 12 6.7%
  • The Brick

    Votes: 24 13.5%
  • The Royal Oak

    Votes: 17 9.6%
  • The Elm Tree

    Votes: 12 6.7%
  • The Albany

    Votes: 4 2.2%
  • The Leigh Arms

    Votes: 5 2.8%

  • Total voters
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No Queen Vic? Shame. The caged parrot and peeling ceiling (covered by a bedsheet) will be disappointed


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I take it the Hermitage has now closed - used to park there and take the long walk to the game - sometimes after the game a few players would come in after the game ... most pubs are going now - sad......


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whats the one on county road about level with the Gwladys St end, Ive been there a few times and I can never remember its name, its an odd name and I don't think its on your list.
Anyway that's my favourite for a pre/post match pint, get serve quick, sky sports, £2.50 for a carling, nice...then I can dart straight to my seat in the LGS without having to delve through most of the crowds

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Thomas Frost because of the size, and proximity to Goodison, can get a pint quickly on match day and sometimes even a set. the brick is a hot mess on match day.
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