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What I don’t understand mate is that Kean will get the last 20 minutes, so why not start him and make the change when he tires.
I'd hope he gets AT LEAST 20 minutes. Personally I think 30 minutes would be ideal if he isn't starting. Last week he looked good coming on but when we're dropping deeper to defend a 1-0 lead it's hard for a striker. Want to see him get a few chances when we're on the front foot.


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Kean has already played for a big club and his country, both high pressure scenarios, so not worried about that. Probably more to do with is he settled and bedded into the squad/ familiar with tactics.

Personally I like Dom. Think he's got a lot to offer as a squad player. Would love him to bag a goal tonight!
What does he offer the squad though?

As a striker he's meant to be contributing goals and he doesn't score so what is he actually contributing besides another body on the pitch and some height when we defend corners?

I just don't see the point of him anymore.


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Jesus fkin Christ. Switched off NBC cos they are talking about Liverpool!!! put BEIN Sports on and this beaut is on

Can’t escape these honest to god

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