Arteta - Next Everton Manager?

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1) we have a good manager now so why talk of a new manager
2) he wouldn't be our new manager anyway
3) he didn't even say anything that bad tbf


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Absolutely no chance for me after this comment:

Weak mentalities like this are why we never won a trophy with him and other players.

I suspect Pep wouldn't be too happy claiming this - if your manager said things like this it will demotivate.
Pep, who was openly bricking it in the Goodison changing rooms about facing Liverpool in the next game?

Christ, some people.


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Did he scored against them in our last victory? Him an Cahill in thier prime. Jesus christ. Pathetic.


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I have my doubts about Arteta but Pep seems to believe in him which pretty much trumps the opinions of others


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Can't see a single quote in the 'article'

But he didnt stay at goodison for life collecting millions from the sub bench so lets turn him into a hate figure
It's in an ESPN interview - cba looking for the actual interview.
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