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Being 100% ready mentally is massively different to being 100% physically.

Its well documented he had mental/stress related problems during his time at Barca - the worry for me is if physically he's in good condition but mentally he's not at the races, shirks 50/50's, wants to come off when given a knock etc. - hopefully Coleman can get into his head as he was fantastic in that regard still goes flying into challenges.
Bloody hell he hasn't as far as i know currently got a diagnosed mental health disorder or diagnosis. He stated he was suffering with anxiety and his mood relating to his social circumstances which is medically consistent and is not categorised as a lifelong condition.

He's been out FakeCabbing around town, he appears to be coping well with a long term injury both physically and mentally and he'll be raring to go soon.

I'm glad you aren't on the coaching staff to question his mental health every time he loses a 50/50, you'd probably have him pulling out his beautiful hair within the month.

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