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Player Valuation: £2.5m
Here is Charlie Nicholas predictions, as i know some take a look at his usually weekly wrong predictions

This is a cracking game. Two points separate the two teams, teams that have taken a lot of criticism recently, although I must admit the criticism has been balanced.

Everton players were not at it under Marco Silva, I did not see a style and did not see commitment. The list of players that were not showing up was quite big. All of a sudden, Duncan Ferguson and Carlo Ancelotti have come in and got the results despite not playing brilliantly.

The Arsenal defence is looking solid, but Everton will still give chances, especially with Dominic Calvert-Lewin enjoying the best period of his career. I'm not overly happy with the personnel in front of the Arsenal defence. Granit Xhaka did not sprint back at any time to help out at Olympiakos and, while Mateo Guendouzi played well, he will not play this weekend.

Bukayo Saka has been different class, though, and Arteta has a nice headache selection from a group of improving attacking options. Arsenal finally have an opportunity to get away from the likes of 11th and 10th and threaten the race for Europe, if they get the momentum, why could they not grab a top-four position?

We’d be 19th if this ear ring wearing bell had all his predictions correct about us. He absolutely hates us.


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It’s a pity this isn’t a Sat 3 o clock game to see Nicholas’ reaction live on Sky.

I do like Saka for them but without checking I am willing to bet both of our forwards have outsc him.

With regards to the score line, It wouldn’t surprise me if either team won 3-1.


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We have something to play for, and we all know what Everton does when there's something to play for. I really, really want us to win but despite our results, the performances haven't been that great and I don't think we have enough to beat them at the Emirates. Please prove me wrong.

Stanley Parker

Player Valuation: £10m
Arsenal team v Olympiakos;
1 Leno
5 Papastathopoulos 20 Mustafi 23 David Luiz 77 Saka
29 Guendouzi 34 Xhaka 28 Willock 35 Martinelli
14 Aubameyang 9 Lacazette

Substitutes 8 Ceballos 15 Maitland-Niles 16 Holdin 19 Pépé 26 Martínez 30 Nketiah 31 Kolasinac
Ozil and Torreira could return to the squad.

Interesting times at Arsenal. Young players coming through - Saka has nine assists this season. Leno has kept three consecutive clean sheets. Even Lacazette has scored after a blank spell of nine games.

So - a low scoring draw.


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We need to take advantage of their fatigue from thurs nite fixture and start with a high tempo and get in their faces from the start..its really good chance for us for once to get points down there. But our guys have a habit when needed to go missing


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If we roll over Thursday I hope we beat the sackless gits off in the summer.

Richarlison & Digne aside all 9 others should be fighting for their stay at this club in the summer.

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