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Player Valuation: £8m
I wonder about some people
If anyone bothered to watch the game last Sunday, Newcastle had more chances first half to be out of sight. Don't forget the 4-0 is masked by 2 injury time goals
Why are we all wetting ourselves because we've not won here! We've got Carlo now, this isn't Silvas team anymore. Pretty sure we've only lost under Carlo in the league at City?


Player Valuation: £8m
Even at their most abysmally poor I looked forward to matches.

Now, under Ancelotti's regime, I'm practically itching for it. Can't wait.

Ring master

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Some of the Ancelotti Pre Arsenal P/C

Gomes latest

Andre is available to play. He trained well, with confidence and without problems. Before the game we are going to talk together and decide if he will start the game or go on he bench.

Carlo on Walcott
Bernard is ok, Not sure” if Walcott will be fit to play. Trained “individually” today. Will be a late call by the sounds of things

On battle for Europe
There are very important games after Arsenal. After this game we can see what is going on for Europe.

On Arsenal
Arsenal have improved a lot, they are playing better.” Also confirms he watched their game last night
We were in the stand when Arsenal played here. The improvement (since then) is clear

On links with Arsenal before joining Arsenal
I am happy to be here. I made the right choice. I feel good here. I like the place.

On Champions League football
If we want to think about the Champions League, we have to finish fourth

Him and Richarlison have done a fantastic job until now

DCL and Davies New York trip
I told them - next time I want to come

Jordan Pickford
For me he is the best goalkeeper England have. I am not worried about the critics
He is the goalkeeper of the national team. Nobody is perfect. We have to accept the mistakes. Jordan is really important, he is a complete goalkeeper. In modern football you can not just ask keepers to save shots. His hands are good enough.”

Carlo on offside rule
I think when (Arsene) Wenger says something about football, he says it properly. I agree. A lot of times a manager has said something but after that you have to go to FIFA to change the rules. I hope that if the rule can change

Gomes return
“I think that knowing the people that are working here, I’m not surprised. They did a fantastic job
What they done on the pitch when he first had the injury was very important for the recovery. It’s really important for me to talk to him.
if he is confident, in my opinion he can play without a problem.”


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Genuinely looking forward to seeing Andre as the focus of Carlo’s team. I don’t expect to see it on Sunday, but over the next month or so, I am proper buzzing to see how his team performed with a genuinely talented midfielder on the park? I just hope that yard dog Dier or Xhaka don’t do him on Sunday? :)

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