Anger at Big Sam appointment looks beyond the real issue

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Whilst everyone is going insane at the Big Sam appointment and I agree its grim. Let's look at why we are in really this mess in the first place, one the utter incompetence of the board, two the utter incompetence of our director of football who created an massively imbalanced squad along with our arrogant former manager and three the gutless players who have downed tools on two maybe three managers now. These are the people to be angry at REALLY, Sam's appointment is a symptom of our failure on and off the pitch and probably the medicine our shambolic situation deserves (culminating in a desperate managerial search that ended up back where it started) because I don't see a way out of this mess without a big character. He's far far from my first choice and it sends out all the wrong signals, but we are in a mess and that it's got to the stage of appointing Big Sam is a symptom of deeper problems. I think the board and players make me angrier than appointing Big Sam personally because it's clearly a short-term appointment(I hope), then we can go back for a Silva et al. We were going down as things stood, no he's not the only one who could have saved us but he has experience of stamping his mark on a struggling team, organising them and saving them. Does he play the football I want Everton to play? No, but just maybe he can get us safe because we are in massive massive trouble. I have never seen two poorer displays than against Atalanta at home and Southampton, the team capitulated to the point of not even trying at times, the basics of effort weren't even there. Yes its a sad day but its the realisation of where we are as a team, the failures of the board, Bill and Moshiri, its the medicine we don't want but probably what we needed. I always believe that Everton is still a great club and will be back if the chronic issues at the top can be sorted.
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