2018/19 Andre Gomes


Player Valuation: £750k
So today's performance has been exactly what I'm talking about with Gomes.

Amazing 50 yard pass across the pitch to Digne to help break out of our own end. Absolutely brilliant.

But on the goal, he is out of position, gets bypassed, and tries to come back and recover, but he's too slow and too undisciplined so he fouls them in a terrible spot - he's 2nd in the entire league in fouls for a reason.

I know the pass was amazing, wonderful to watch, easy to appreciate, but I'm not sure why some of you don't see both.
So was that his first assist for Spurs then?


Player Valuation: £70m
If they lose the final the feel good buzz will be deflated . Getting the the final is nothing if you don’t win it, in a way it can set you back. Much the same if them lot don’t win the league, having amassed that number of points and still losing, some would think what’s the point.
Its still a world away from finishing 8th and not playing in europe mate.


Player Valuation: £20m
Its still a world away from finishing 8th and not playing in europe mate.
A lot (I’m not one of them) didn’t want us to get a Europa spot. That’s madness it’s our easiest route getting into the champions league. But spurs could land up with just the CL place, it’s horrible losing finals second means nothing, even though sky currently are trying to make Liverpool coming second like them winning the league. More talk on there about Liverpool than the champions.

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