2020/21 Alex Iwobi

roy vernon

Player Valuation: £10m
Remember Johnny Morrissey standing on the ball by the corner flag and looking at an imaginary wristwatch lol
It was the last minute of a 3-2 win against Leeds.
There is a fantastic photo of this, with 2 Leeds players stood helplessly behind him. (I think Bremner was one)
I've looked for the pic but can't find it.
Do you know the one I mean @Joey66 ?
They were standing behind him because all of that Leeds team in the late 60’s were terrified of Moggsy, the story goes that when he broke Jack Charlton ankle, he leant over big Jack, who was laying on the floor and asked ‘ are you ok big fella?’ That was the incident which led to Moggsy being one of only two names in Jack’s infamous ‘Little black book’ the other name, apparently, was Hutchinson of Chelsea.


Player Valuation: £70m
Cheers mate, that's the one ;) You got to love the looks on the faces in the crowd too lol
If Iwobi can be half as good as this underrated winger we are quids in;)


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