2022/23 Abdoulaye Doucouré


Player Valuation: £90m
This is my fear for a lot of our players when a new manager arrives. I get that whoever comes in will have his own ideas but as Frank found out - he wanted to be matey with the squad and kept giving them games thinking that they were better than they are. We've watched this shower for 2 years. They are awful. Don't get taken in by Iwobi and his 5 a side step overs or Doucoure running around like a knackered shire horse or Gordon banging into the top bin in shooting practise. These players are rubbish. Be ruthless and clear out as many as possible. I'd rather have a squad of 15 augmented with yputh players than see most of these ever pull on an Everton shirt again. Fool me once - shame on you - fool me twice....

Probably 18 players needed for squads. Weve got loads on the books.

Have to dump a lot of them and focus on rebuilding with just 18 players supplemented with kids.

Invest any money from sales into fewer but superior players.


Player Valuation: £70m
I haven’t watched the club this season but presumably he’s mouthing off because Lampard didn’t fancy him and he feels he could’ve contributed and if I’m honest, maybe his unique style of running around awkwardly sort of controlling the ball with his toe before failing to play a simple 4 yard pass was amiss.

You play for Everton mate by that virtue you are not and nor have you ever been a good footballer. Give it up, count the money you were lucky to earn, maybe get yourself a degree and go find something you’re good at.

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