2020/21 Abdoulaye Doucouré


Player Valuation: £1m
Wondered where he was first 20 mil minutes but grew into the game and really came into his own as the game opened up and there was space in the middle of the pitch. Carries the ball well, dribbled well, passed moved an asked for the return, tackled, blocked, intercepted- did a bit of everything. Davies and him have played well together last couple of games.


Player Valuation: £500k
His energy is something else. Glue player and such an important signing. He'll always be a bit clumsy on the ball, but at the same time I really trust him when he gets it in tight areas. He makes really good decisions both on and off the ball, a lot of that obviously goes unnoticed.

Sheedy's right knee.

Player Valuation: £8m
Top player been key this season, because no one can play the role he does. I’m very confident now with him Allen and Davies and Gomes options along with Gylfi James and Iwobi we have got a lot of balance in that area. Especially with king DCL and Richy playing in front and we’ve got Five solid defenders behind us know. Mentality in this group is growing. Keep the faith.

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