2014/2015 Squad Numbers

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Nah, I wouldn't want Coleman to inherit Hibbo's number, he's already been better than him for a while. All I think of with the number 2 shirt is Moyes' negative tactics and Gary Neville, neither of which are good.

I just think 23 suits Seamus nicely for some reason, probably because I see him as an attacking and exciting player, rather than a defender

Probably also because you're American?


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I can see Stones being given the number 5 shirt. I can imagine Barkley being offered the 10 shirt but he may be holding out for 8 shirt so will probably stay 20. If Hibbert stays he'll keep 2 if he leaves it will be no doubt offered to Coleman. Number 12 appears to be reserved for goalkeepers and 13 appears to have been retired.


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I actually think we will sign another player, probably more senior than Stones, so the number 5 will get allocated to them.

I think with Europa league games we will need at least another CB

I think with any of the players, changing numbers once you have arrived at a club is a personal thing. Players tend to be superstitious about things like their squad numbers and don't change them.


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think McGeady will keep the 7? it's a bit of a boss number as far as I'm concerned, and I'd certainly like him to play well enough on the wing to keep it .. but it would definitely require him to step up and be a bit more consistent with his game. hopefully Bobby is drilling all that Spartak deterioration straight out of him this summer


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Am I the only one who doesn't get the whole numbers thing? like what constitutes a "boss" number?

A "boss" number in the context of this thread refers to a number that has history behind it. There are certain numbers at Everton which you could say are sacred because of former players that have worn them. Its a sentimental thing, mostly.

Supporters don't tend to react well if a [Poor language removed] player gets given one of these numbers. They want them to go to the players worthy of them.


Player Valuation: £70m
I'd like barkley to have 8 personally, but unless oviedo gives it up it I guess it won't happen.

Why does a left back have 8 anyway? Koff Moyes

was going to post this, except i'd like it go to our new winger. barkley gets 10. mccarthy would look quite good with 8 mind you, or jagielka's number 6. step over jags, you old!
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