12 Years

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Big Fat Sam

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You're welcome mate and sorry for any inconvenience along the way. See you in another 12 years when we'll hopefully be challenging the 'Big 14' in the Ali Baba Premier League - of course still residing in the wonderful Woodison Park.


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GOT is 12 years old today.

Always an opportune moment to thank everyone who supports us - whether that's through posting, visiting, subscribing, tolerating or putting us in our place.

We don't always get it right, but we give it a good go and in my view, this is the best place to serve as self therapy for Evertonians.

Nice one for visiting and keeping us going, needless to say we really appreciate it.
Hope you are not digging for simpering compliments or wallowing in self importance....OK then, keep it going!


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This place is a link to the old country, even more important now my mum's gone and dad's moved over to Sheff. It's supported me in my hour of need, and I like to think I've helped some people too. It's like a great pub where you talk to all sorts of people about all sorts of things. It welcomes supporters of other clubs, and generally typifies what being an Evertonian is all about. It shows there is something worthwhile on the internet.

Great site, here's to 12 more years.

mikey 62

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GOT thank you for everything Happy 12th Birthday , brilliant site and very well managed .

being so far away GOT keeps me up to speed and in contact with fellow Evertonians , one of the things I miss the most

it is the best place to vent your frustrations but also have a good laugh , we don't always agree but nothing wrong , wouldnt it be dead boring if we all sung off the same hymn sheet

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