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  • Your natural football mate. Ive watched your progress, from the early days when you shone with massive potential and now I see a World Class poster. Its been a joy to watch you grow.

    Got a good feeling about these Manc Tramps tomorrow, which normally means we get beat.

    I just hope the "Neill factor" doesnt effect the players, but I still cant believe some "fans" consider this to be a good deal, in any shape or form.
    Excellent post there Mr TxB, sadly wasted on such a head in the sand enviroment such as this. They think £800k is a great sum of money, sadly in the modern game, Clubs waste that amount on Printer Ink every week.
    FFS, I'm so thick, mate. I sent the message below to myself, about an hour ago!!

    A little bit. I got over for the derby, which was nice. I ended up in the UG, which is a change for me. I liked it up there. The view is miles better than the back seats of the UB. I paid a tenner extra for the ticket, but that was okay.
    Whats going on here mate? Wheres all your messages? Wheres your Avatar? You ok mate?

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