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    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    I remember Che Adams being linked with us in the summer of 2019 before he went to Southampton. First year there he seemed to struggle and I remember thinking it was a bit of a bullet dodged. When I've watched the Saints in the following two seasons (which admittedly isn't very often and mostly...
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    Dr.Doom (Mourinho)

    This would be a very Moshiri appointment. Destined to end in disaster. Watching Spurs "All of Nothing" doesn't make him seem like a very good motivator if I'm honest.
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    FFP / profitability and sustainability

    Reading this is so depressing. To think how little progress (if any) we have made on the pitch despite putting ourselves in such a bad financial position. Truly shambolic and change is needed from top to bottom.
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    2021/22 Salomón Rondón

    He has been so incredibly ineffective. Would have been better off playing Gray up top with Iwobi as a 10 and starting with Gordon. At least then West Ham would have been playing against 11.
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    XG? Love it hate it

    You are correct and this year their actual goals are slightly exceeding their expected and they are doing better in the league. To me these stats are a good indication of whether or not you have gotten lucky with your results. Perhaps luck is a bad word, but it can indicate how you "should"...
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    2021/22 Tom Davies

    Surprised at the comments in here. Personally thought he had a pretty good performance and one of the strongest in a while. Actually ran forward with the ball a couple times and passed it forward. Benitez' success will be determined whether he can improve the group of players largely...
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    2021/22 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    Hope last night was not indicative. His ball control was really poor, obviously needs to spend more time after training of something. At least he lasted the 90 minutes. There was one tackle last night that he stayed down for a a couple of seconds and then got up limping, thought for sure he...
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    2021/22 Niels Nkounkou

    Last night he looked "raw". He seems the type of player that you could easily make an impressive YouTube vid of without him actually doing anything truly impressive. The type of player who could come good, but the type that could continually flatter to deceive. Thought he looked really good...
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    Everton Summer transfers 2021

    Doesn't that show that she follows Everton, but not her son or the USMNT nor his current team Schalke. Poor attempt.
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    Ferguson retained as assistant manager - yay or nay

    Should be retained if and only if the new manager wants to retain him. Should not, IMO factor into the decision to hire a new manager. He's been around for a while and yet we still continually see a lack of effort from the squad at basically he hasn't proven that his presence in...
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    New Everton Manager

    I tend to agree with you for a few reasons: - A common thread these past few seasons is that overall the players seem to lack character and drive. Dyche suffers no fools. - His style of play actually fits the squad. When we played defensively last season we were fairly adept at keeping teams...
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    Managerial change positives

    To me it became apparent as the year wore on that Ancelotti really is more of a man manager than a tactician and relies heavily on intelligent players with good footballing knowledge. Given that we are desperately short on that sort of footballer, we could actually do better with more of a...
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    stones and barkley response was a joke mate. My dad was going to Goodison with his brothers in the '50's and '60's before he emigrated, I'm well aware that Everton is not a franchise. Typed from my Canadian keyboard. I'll even spell colour correctly for you despite your loutish behaviour. But Alt+0163...
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    stones and barkley

    I don't know, but it appears that they still have a few pedants as fans.
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    stones and barkley

    I'd take Gana back in a second. In an alternate universe where Stones would take a pay cut to around $50k per week, I'd give him a shot. Barkley not a chance. We already have enough players that go missing. Also not sure he'd fit well in a 4-4-2. Have to play him or Gomes, couldn't play...
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