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    Bournemouth Cup Travel

    Thank you. Working off of unofficial info over here in the states on ESPN
  2. kjbert

    Bournemouth Cup Travel

    When do we expect the date for this fixture to be announced?
  3. kjbert

    Penalty taker

    Pickford is the best taker btw
  4. kjbert

    All or nothing: Everton

    All or Nothing: (It’s terrible. But it’s) Everton
  5. kjbert

    Penalty taker

  6. kjbert

    Who is our best player?

    Not sure how you take him out of the squad at this point. Ball doesn't move if not for him. He's surprisingly good at winning the ball back as well
  7. kjbert

    Who is our best player?

    Pickford and Dominic Calvert-Lewin are in a class by themselves Probably Tarkowski and Coady behind them Good shout for Iwobi playing centrally with the ball at his feet. I had to make sure I wasn't watching Beckenbauer at one point
  8. kjbert

    Match Thread Everton v Dynamo Kyiv Friday 29 July 7.45pm KO.

    Tough to play him when we’re 3 at the back and don’t have a real 6
  9. kjbert

    Match Thread Everton v Dynamo Kyiv Friday 29 July 7.45pm KO.

    Is Stratton a poster on here? If you are, I’d like to buy you a pint or two before the Nottingham Forest match. Traveling from the US. Stratton a better blue than most
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    Confirmed Signing Dwight McNeil

    He’s 22 He’s a high end chance creator We’re broke He costs us £4 million this season The only way we’re scoring goals is if someone puts a ball on Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s forehead We’re not signing a Richy replacement. FFP won’t allow it
  11. kjbert

    Everton Black Watch Youth Small Kit

    Did they not have an Eto'o?
  12. kjbert

    2021/22 Allan

    His legs are shot. But always puts in a shift, never complains. But his legs are washed. Is what it is. When you buy a 29 year old MF and play him as a single pivot in a league that is incredibly physical and athletic - it's pretty remarkable what he has accomplished for us. But he's a...
  13. kjbert

    Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

    Winks can do a job. He’s a better Davies. But he does nothing to address our problem in midfield and that’s connecting back to front.
  14. kjbert

    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!

    Has anyone used SportsBreaks before?
  15. kjbert

    Takeover bid by Peter Kenyon

    So if we think the Kenyon bid is out. Who is our odds on favorite here?
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