Worst Everton performance of the decade ?

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This is as bad as it gets for me quite simply embarrassing beyond belief.

why is there a loser mentality in the dressing room at this great club ??

reeks of pathetic loser bottle job players who quite frankly are now stealing a living


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This is the worse collection of players we’ve had since Kendall’s 2nd and 3rd spells.

I seriously wouldn’t keep any of them.


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I presume you mean the BBC coverage, with every detail of every young rs kid being creamed over, and endless shots of gurning rs fans, klopp, the rs bench WHILE THE GAME IS GOING ON.

As for the match - even Ancelotti can't overcome the devil's pact. We'd be better off with a priest for the derby ffs.


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Said during the game ...fine them all two weeks wages and get them all in for hard training at 6am tomorrow morning.

Not one of them care.
You could look at it another way- where are our academy products / young prospects? We've not produced anyone of genuine note for some time.

Ultimately we've brought some poo recently. I dunno why we expect this crew, who have by and large been rubbish all season, to suddenly be worked beaters. Our recruitment strategy is seriously questionable.

Don Carlo has a job on his hands.
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