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Player Valuation: £70m
Fair shout

Simms is NEVER getting a game is he

Frustrating how other clubs bring on the odd youngster here and there who has a good game or so whereas we flat out refuse to give the likes of Simms/Nkounkou a chance.

Not like the academy is trash considering we do pretty well in the under 23's so how can the likes of RS, Arsenal, Villa etc pull the odd youngster or two out and give them a run?


Player Valuation: £15m

Ancelotti On His Team Selection​

Carlo Ancelotti has spoken about his starting XI for tonight's clash...

“We have to manage this," said the boss. "We have two strikers on the bench, but for different reasons they are not able to start. Tosun played two hours after a long time out so is a little bit tired. Richarlison didn’t train a lot. They are on the bench and we have to manage the situation with the players we have.

"Maybe we cannot play so directly, but we can play with more possession and passes in the final third.

“It’s a good opportunity to have a good test for us without two important players. I think the squad is good enough to try to replace them as best as we can.

Oh really, play worse than a sub standard Rotherham team tonight we are getting smashed. I do feel that if we go a goal down we may aswell pack up because this side isnt scoring from open play.........

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