Will Everton ever be a good side again

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Now I know things are very bad at the moment and yes it starts at the top I'm open minded about Moshiri has said in a text backing Rafael.I do not believe things can be that different or better until major changes are made yes we have never been this bad for a very long time now the late 1990s I remember Peter Johnson who was very bad for our club and some of the managers like Walker Smith and Silva not forgetting Martinez and Keoman.I only say Carlo and Joe Royle and yes okay Howard's first time in Charge were any good.Basically things have to change and quick before were left behind or relegated.The manager is accountable to for a lot of things as well.


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Everton have long been left behind. Yes and years and years and years of attrition with absolutely nothing done to significantly change that trajectory.

Everton are the definition of mediocrity. I expect the only way Everton can ever even think about starting to catch up again is if they (1) avoid relegation over the next couple of years and (2) get bought out by a serious outfit of multi-billionaires once the stadium is built - and by serious, I mean people who find ways around FFP, realise they’re running a professional sports organisation and sack off all the sentimentality that has plagued Everton for decades.


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Depends on what you call good. Roberto Marinez's first season or Some of Moyes best times with a cup final thrown in. Then maybe. If you want Kendall 1984-1987 the I doubt it, will ever happen again.

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