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Don't know about unprofessional. I didn't think that, but you could be right. I read it more as him reluctantly pulling out of the running. But time will tell.

It's not a club in a good place anyway
You’d imagine it’s either a bit of PR to try and get fans’ sympathy or he’s just said sod this for a lark.


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It's not his fault either I should stress. He's just a manager trying to land a big job. The issue is he is being associated as Kia's man, just like Rondon was always Benitez's man. It's criticism by association and it all falls at the feet of Moshiri who is responsible for our perceived lack of a plan.
Agree 100%. I don't hate Vitor, but he never should even be considered for this job much less a front runner. It's that POS Kia prick that's pushing him and Moshiri, for some inexplicable reason, doesn't see he has his own best interests in mind and nothing about Everton FC. Think he would have been a good fit for us after Moyes but that boat has absolutely sailed.


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"Vitor Pereira considers withdrawing from the running for Everton job following fan protests"

If true, it'll be a saving face exercise. Plenty of managers 'withdraw' when they know they've been snubbed. Was some reports Nuno did it with us.

"Vitor Pereira also made it clear that he is represented by a lawyer, not an agent, and that he applied for the Everton Manager position through Bill Kenwright, who he has known for six years."

He knows Kia Joorabchian is toxic and fans, quite rightly, won't stand for back hander/jobs for the boys extending to club manager.


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One of reason why I want Lampard instead of Pereira. Surly he has watched Everton this season and seen how some players have performed (Coleman Rondon Keane) I am not sure how much of Everton Pereira would have seen. I reckon Lampard definitely knows how crap Iwobi does Pereira.

Seriously tho we need who ever it is to instantly work because we are running out of time and games.

roy vernon

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I'm still consoling myself with the thought that perhaps, for once, the club have pulled off a PR masterpiece, by letting it seem almost certain that they are going to appoint Pereira and then apparently bowing to fan pressure and appointing Lampard. Who knows perhaps it was always Lampard they wanted and they have gone down this route inorder to unite the fan base behind the lesser of two evils Lampard.

Mind you this is Everton, so, expect the Iranian lunatic to appoint Pereira in the next few hours.
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