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Player Valuation: £70m
Lost a playoff final but got to it, one off game doesn't prove much.

Spent 250m - arguable if he spent any and certainly not all of that, well known at the time part of the issue was him not getting the players he wanted and their DoF bringing in other ones

The thing with Lampard for me, is I'm just not sure he got the best out of the players. He had the likes of Mount and Tomori in that Derby team, and had a huge wage bill. I think he did a par job, given the players he had.

At Chelsea, he had a squad that another manager got to a CL final, and has shown title challenging form with. Under Lampard they were 6th or whatever. I just saw him as someone who wasnt getting the best from a squad.

I'm not sold on him to be honest. I think Rooney has done a better job at Derby when you factor in the context. And he knows the club. People dont like that, but honestly knowing a place of employment is a small advantage too.


Player Valuation: £20m
Looking at this drill is Dunc planning on playing 2 upfront on against Villa? Could be a ploy knowing the cameras are gonna be there.... I remember Holgate standing in a back 5 at Old Trafford but when the whistle blew he stepped in to midfield.

Think he will change it to a 3 with gray just think the midfield needs to have an extra man in ther


Player Valuation: £15m

Any of those three would do for me. All out of work and are realistic options that could do a job for us.

Not yet convinced about Rooney.


Player Valuation: £950k
I know some are against a quick appointment but unfortunately for me this has over shadowed our current need to bring in at least a CM / CB as well for me . We have what just under 2 weeks of the transfer window left and we need , absolutely need to address these issues . We are in a relegation fight …
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