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Player Valuation: £40m
I’d move heaven and earth to get Marcelo Gallardo if we could,
He’s the type of manager we should have been pursuing from the outset of Moshiri reign,
Instead we’ve seemingly refused to consider anyone who hasn’t had PL experience , afraid of the risk.
I believe we needed to take the risk to break out of the mid table purgatory we’ve been locked for decades now.
High risk ,high gain.

Legend Barry Horne

Player Valuation: £2.5m
Ancelotti obviously left and dropped us in it. Benitez had no money in the summer. Talking about Gylfi Sigurdsson appears a taboo subject - but that's one important player missing. Missing DCL also hasn't helped. Liverpool are very good at the moment and scoring a few goals against most teams

He should have kept James in my view if that was financially possible. Sacking him though would be stupid - it's not helped sacking other managers and his track record over his career is good - so better to stick with him, things will turn around

The fans can help the club most by supporting the team and manager....


Player Valuation: £10m
This will be unpopular on here but you all want to get off your high horses. Who would want to come here? Potter is well respected across the league, he is a rising manager who plays very good football and his team creates a huge amount of chances every week. We ain’t getting the superstar manager. Let the guy come in and built a team and career like Moyes did.

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