Which Player are YOU most looking forward to booing?

Who are YOU most looking forward to booing this season?

  • Fabian Delph

    Votes: 13 15.1%
  • Bernard

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yerry Mina

    Votes: 6 7.0%
  • Andre Gomes

    Votes: 2 2.3%
  • Seamus Coleman

    Votes: 7 8.1%
  • Cheese On Boo

    Votes: 58 67.4%

  • Total voters


Player Valuation: £10m
People should just reserve their boos for that annoying little fella that turns up for every game. He tends to wear a lot of black, waves his arms about a lot, while blowing a whistle and struggling to keep up with all the young athletes around him.

He is going to get even more irritating next season, drawing imaginary TV screens in the air at every dubious incident, only to give favor to our enemies.


john jako

Player Valuation: £35m
Fantastically written opening post. Great work.

Coleman. He gets wound up by it and actually does better from the boos.

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