Which Player are YOU most looking forward to booing?

Who are YOU most looking forward to booing this season?

  • Fabian Delph

    Votes: 13 15.1%
  • Bernard

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yerry Mina

    Votes: 6 7.0%
  • Andre Gomes

    Votes: 2 2.3%
  • Seamus Coleman

    Votes: 7 8.1%
  • Cheese On Boo

    Votes: 58 67.4%

  • Total voters
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With the Yanks and cranks making it perfectly clear in the Lookman thread that Bernard is the worst player to ever pull on a royal blue jersey that they've seen on their television, I'd like to know which player is going to draw your flak this year?

Last year we were able to spread the hate around a number of players, from our eventual top scorer to a 21 year old anachronism, but this year it would be easier if we had one central hate figure we can all zoom in on. Which of these five deserves nothing but boos ringing in their ears next year?

Crime - Being a squad player at Man City. Being English.
Already a front runner, despite having never kicked a ball in the royal blue. Delph's signing has already seen a collective intake of breathe for the simple reason that he isn't one of the sexier names the usual loons decided we were signing. Despite being involved in City's success last year, there are questions over his ability to slot into a midfield that has less depth of quality than the baby pool at your local leisure centre.

The last centre mid we signed from city wasn't too bad (again ignoring the yank and crank claims.) and Fabian is considerably less crocked. Might be the father figure that Tom Davies lost when Gaz Baz went. Might be able to convince Tom to start dress like a grown up and not a 7 year old being taken to an eco festival by his mum.

Chad McSoccerton Says: 'Fabian Delph was not a regular starter at Manchestershire City. This Heat Map shows he spent less than 5% of his time hitting goals.'

Crime - Being Better Than Lookman. Creating space on field.
Bernard. If you told our fan base 2 years ago we'd be signing Bernard we'd be rolling our eyes at another ITK. Alas, Bernard arrived. He took a bit of time getting back to full fitness, especially having not played for a number of months, which automatically means he's bad. Getting to full fitness meant that Bernard claimed one of the wing spots that Lookman RIGHTFULLY DESERVED. Didn't contribute enough assists, Blammos or rainbow flicks to keep our slacker jawed fans happy. Wouldn't get into a top six side apparently, so useless.

Of course, Bernard got stronger as the season went on. For someone that seem to get bullied a bit earlier on, he definitely became a better player. An excellent player at creating little bits of space for other players to drop into (THAT YOU DONT SEE ON TV). If you think Bernard is a bad player, you probably think dating your cousin is acceptable.

Chad McSoccerton Says: 'Bernard did not make enough assistations especially as he kept the best player ever out the starting roster .'

Crime - Being signed for 30m, being physically knackered.
Yerry Mina has been the biggest waste of money in the clubs history. FIFA tells us he isn't that fast or strong, therefore he isn't very good as a defender. Played in games where we got beat, especially against Millwall. Probably hates the club. Also he's Colombian so obviously has a line of coke at half time.

If Mina did do a line of coke in the changies, you couldn't really blame the lad having played football non stop without a break for 3 years. A few little niggling 'overuse' type injuries inevitably crept in. In the games he did play he looked pretty handy, with good games against Chelsea and everyone's second favourite team. A good break, English lessons and more runs out will only show him in a good light this season.

Chad McSoccerton Says: 'Yerry Mina has been the biggest waste of money ever. No i've never heard of James Beattie.'

Crime - Coming back, not enough BLAMMOS
Andre Gomes might be able to break up play, dribble, pick a pass and give middle aged men homoerotic thoughts, but he only scored one BLAMMO last season and on FM19 my midfielder scores 3 a game. He saw us coming and has given up this year.

Andre Gomes is back. He is probably our best midfielder since Arteta. His general ability in the middle of the pitch enabled us to push higher and counter with more regularity. But there are some who walk among us who think some random schmuk in the Italian 3rd Division would of been better. Expect to hear mutters.

Chad McSoccerton Says: 'Andre Gomes has never made multiple assists in a game, he is a fraud of a player.'

Crime - Being OLD.
Coleman is now one of the oldest players in the squad. That automatically means he's no good. Not all of his crosses land perfectly on our centre forwards forehead, thus he cannot cross. Personally insisted Kenny was loaned out to Schalke.

Coleman hasn't got long left, we all know that and it should make you sad. He's had traumatic injuries he's just strolled back from and plays like his life is on the line in every game. Our fans want more though.

Chad McSoccerton Says: 'Seamus Coleman's birth predates football's founding in 1992.'


Player Valuation: £1.5m
Pickford if he goes through another patch of having at least one brain fart per game
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