GrandOldTeam TV What should Everton do about Jordan Pickford and is he a long term solution?


Player Valuation: £50k
I think we should stick with him for now. I do more or less hold him quite responsible for the second goal at Newcastle. But at the same time he wasn't the only player to fall asleep in the dying embers of the game.

In the grand scheme of things I feel like we have more pressing concerns players wise that should be addressed long before Pickford.


Player Valuation: £950k
Hopefully he saves a pen at the Euros and then we can punt him for a profit. Alternatively, Ancelotti's legendary man management could kick in and he could start commanding his box, I'd be happy with either of those outcomes. The outcome I wouldn't be happy with is a rapid Joe Hart like decline were everyone realises he's poo and he becomes a worthless burden on massive wages. We're Everton, which one do you think it's gonna be?

duncs pigeon

Player Valuation: £20m
12/14months ago we were slating him for stupid mistakes. 8 months ago we were praising him to the hilt with having so many clean sheets for the latter part of the season. A good defence in front him helps. Agreed he should have done better with the first goal the other night, but lack of game management in front of him cost us the points on tuesday. Yes, he needs to improve, and so do a lot of the others as well. My opinion is keep him and improve the playing staff elsewhere.


Player Valuation: £70m
One of the best things a goalie can be is a calming presence. He absolutely isn’t, he panics and wants to be involved which is weird for a goalie. The defence don’t trust him anymore and the crowd certainly don’t.

Said it before, I’ll happily take a keeper who is half the natural shot stopper Pickford is if he can just do the basics consistently.

With all that said, sadly there are bigger priorities than atm but if the opportunity presents itself I hope we take it.


Player Valuation: £70m
Had really high hope's for this lad.
Heard from quite a few people when he coming up through the ranks how good he was.Then we signed him....fantastic.
Thats our goalkeeper sorted for the next 10 years.
Apart from the odd blooper he's been very good for England ( far too many for us tho).
But now he is swiftly deteriorating as a Top Class keeper , and unless this is arrested very quickly his career at the top end will be over before its begun.
I really do hope he can turn himself round ( it must be before the end of season ) if not he will be punted.
It really is down to him .

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