GrandOldTeam TV What should Everton do about Jordan Pickford and is he a long term solution?


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Hasnt Ancelotti come out and said we definitely dont need a keeper?

In any case, I wonder if we would want to sell him if he had a good national tournament or whether Ancelotti sees him as a long term option.

Personally think that with effective scouting we can do better...but it is nice to have the national team keeper.


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A great manager will make him into a great keeper.
He needs to mature as a person, if that happens he has the potential to become world class.
Similar thing happened with Jack grealish, he used to go out drinking all the time until the villa backroom staff got a hold of him, now he is there best player


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You think if someone offers 30 he will be gone? I doubt that as any keeper we go for will then be 40/50/60 million unless they have a cheap one lined up beforehand.
There are plenty of keepers out there better than him in our range, if we get 30m then maybe put 10/15m to it we will be better off.


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He's in the 'decent' category, a very good shot stopper. But, he flaps under pressure and doesn't command his box. To build a strong, confident defence, we need a keeper with a calming influence, who sticks to the basics under pressure. That man isn't Jordan Pickford. I'd say getting this position sorted is just as important as a commanding centre half. Without a solid spine, we'll never progress.

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I like goalkeepers who fill the goal up. It makes it harder for anyone baring down on goal when they see a man mountain between them and the goal. He just looks tiny in goal, which makes his penalty saving antics more impressive. But It isnt just the height as Oblak looks massive in the goal and is only an inch taller.

I'd like us to go get a big commanding goalkeeper who can also play with his feet. Not much to ask I dont think.


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I don't know why, as fans we are singling him out as a scape goat, I still disagree that their goals the other night were his fault. It seems by some, he will never be liked here. I'm not sure what the answer would be. We have Englands number one keeper, factually and I don't know where we would get better
I don't like or agree with the constant criticism of him


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It's a funny one, on one side i think on his day he's fantastic and some of the saves he makes keeps us in games at times (primarily helping us to 3 points last time out at Brighton).

His kicking is erratic, sometimes can get attacks moving fast and get us up the pitch, but tried to find the 'perfect' pass too often which results in giving the ball away. He's frustrating as heck, but knee-jerk now aside i do think we have bigger problems than him at the moment. His clean sheet record is second to only Ederson and Allison since the beginning of last season - a better defence will help him a lot but he does need to improve his command of the penalty box - which will be difficult given his size and height.


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I don't hate him nearly as much as some do on here and I think he gets harshly treated at times for things he isn't responsible for, but he's not at the level I hoped he would be considering this is his third season now as an Everton player. He was very expensive at the time and although he is still relatively young for a goalkeeper and could still feasibly improve, he seems to lack certain physical attributes that Goalies seemingly need to possess.

However, I don't think his form this season has been any worse than others like Mina and Digne, two players who I think are vastly better than they have showed this season.

I think we have much bigger areas of concern in our team right now than replacing Pickford. I would put a new goaly below a centre midfielder (maybe even 2), a right winger, a left sided centre back, and maybe even a right back on the list of priorities.
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I'd look to upgrade on him. But only after we sort out a new right back, a new left back if Digne rumours are true, a centre half, a right winger, a left winger and at least one centre mid depending on how Gomes and Gbamin come back.

He might not be perfect but replacing him is nowhere near a priority for me.

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