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What is the significance of our new logo?

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Tennessee Blue Mike

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I'm sure we all noticed the new logo on our shirts against Norwich. Has this something to do with perhaps our new suitors in the new year or has Chang redesigned their logo?


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I noticed it but wasn't sure if it was chang or not cuz it seemed unrecognisable....anyone got a pic?


It was a one-off thing because of the floods in Thailand.

EDIT: What BJ said.

BJ... lol.


I thought my eyes were going funny when I saw it. I remember going WTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and then there wasn't a close up of an Everton shirt for ages. It was all mysterious. Thailand is basically in North Korea innit so maybe it was a subliminal message about The Dear Leader.


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Everton Football Club had a new shirt sponsor against Norwich. It maybe a new design of the Chang Logo. Everton have not said anything on their website, which is odd.
On 17th January 2008, Everton Football Club announced a new shirt sponsorship deal with Chang Beer which at £8m over 3 years was the most lucrative in the Club's history.
That deal is due to run out around this time.
David Moyes had the new design in his press conference on Friday. From the photo the new logo has a little too much red in it for our liking.
Then the team played in the new shirt on Saturday. Thankfully the red had has gone. The logo was all white. But what is the logo and why all the mystery?


Everton wore special charity shirts for Saturday's Premier League clash with Norwich.
For one game only, the Chang logo on the jersey was replaced by the Power of Thai.
Power of Thai is a fundraising drive set-up by 12 Thai companies and spearheaded by ThaiBev - owner of Chang.
They are aiming to raise £2m to help regenerate the country after horrific flooding earlier this year.
Also on Saturday, the matchday programme bore an image of Tim Cahill wearing the special shirt, set against the Thai flag.
Messages of support for the fundraising campaign from the Blues squad were also played out on Goodison's two big screens.
The match-worn shirts will be auctioned off both online and in live environments with all proceeds going to the Power of Thai campaign.

The Everton-backed Power of Thai campaign is aiming to raise 100m baht - over £2m - to aid the flood-hit nation.
The Toffees will wear the Power of Thai logo on their shirts against Norwich this weekend to raise awareness for the initiative.

The campaign is being spearheaded by Thai Beverage PLC (ThaiBev) and its president Khun Thapana.
ThaiBev the parent company of Everton's main sponsor Chang. Eleven other big Thai companies are also part of the plan.

The aim is to raise money to boost Thailand following the devastating flooding which hit the country earlier this year.

Officials hope to raise the funds over the next eight months and it has already been stated that investing in education is their main priority.

One million Power of Thai wristbands will also be produced and sold to raise money.

Speaking earlier this week, Everton CEO Robert Elstone said: "The Club welcomes the opportunity to support this real and worthwhile cause to help the people of Thailand recover from the terrible flooding.

"We consider Chang and the many Everton fans in Thailand to be very much a part of the extended Everton family so we are delighted to be able to help."


Why is everyone kicking off on Kipper as if they've committed some serious crime against humanity? I literally had no idea about the logo until some people started answering in this thread a few minutes ago. I didn't see anything about it either.
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