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Yes, I know that's not how to spell Allan
If Moyes is still Moyes then his team will creep back a yard a minute as the second half goes on. Everton need to show impetus and make things happen in the final third. There’s a point here if they really want it.
Rewind ten years, if we were playing an under-performing West Ham at Goodison and Baines had pulled a bit of free-kick magic out of his hat in a first-half where the opposition had shown promise, I’d have the worry that we’d sit on the 1-0 and invite pressure. It was so often the Moyes way.

Here’s hoping he hasn’t learned that lesson yet.


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You mean the terrible cross that went straight to their keeper?

What planet are you on 😂😂😂

Yeah that one, you know forwards are supposed to try and get on the end of crosses don’t you? Rather than just stand still and expect it to be put on a plate?

He is not good enough unfortunately. Will never have that predatory striker’s instinct.
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