Match Thread Watford v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Next weeks game is one of the biggest games Everton Football Club will have ever played. If we don't get something from that then we are going to struggle to stay up. It is very difficult to see where any points are coming from.
The off week is one of the biggest games ever?


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Huddersfield and Fulham are down. That third place is up for grabs and we are the out of form candidate's. Look at our fixtures homes against top 6 except Burnley who are fighting for their lives. Away against teams who want to win. ,. Were doomed. Don't panic ha

blue to the bone

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He's our playmaker. Afforded more freedom than anyone on the pitch but he never provides consistent performances. All our attacks break down through him in the centre the few times he manages to find space. I believe he's our biggest problem at the moment.
Not the fact we can't keep a clean sheet and cant stop conceding from set pieces?
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